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Man arrested after puppy killed, dog emaciated after being abandoned in North Carolina park

Rashawn Dennison

The 911 caller who reported the box said they noticed it only when their dog started sniffing it.

“Every morning I walk my little poodle the same route every day around the corner. I actually live around the corner from here,” the caller said. “When I was passing I seen some trash over there but that’s regular we see that. And I seen a box and I didn’t think nothing of it until my dog went over there and started barking and sniffing by it. And I heard little like, I heard little sounds.”

Dennison, a previous offender, has been charged with three misdemeanors–cruelty to animals and two counts abandonment of an animal.

Dennison had his first court appearance Thursday morning. He told WTVD he is trying to get an attorney and currently has no comment.

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