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Thomasville residents told they have to pay for broken trash bins

THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Residents in Thomasville are concerned after receiving notices from the city telling them their garbage will not be picked up until they pay for a new trash bin because their current one is damaged.

The frustration being shared by several Thomasville residents: they weren't responsible for the damage.

"I knew that I didn't do anything to it and I knew my husband did not, so I wanted to see exactly what happened to it," said Alicia Alexander, who received a notice from the city.

The City of Thomasville told Alexander her garbage bin was damaged and in order for her trash to be collected she would have to pay $52 for a new one.

The damage in question was a crack on the front side of her bin.

"It's right where you would hook it on the truck and they just pick it up and dump it in, so that's where I'm assuming that it happened was where they just pick it up and they can dump it straight in the truck," Alexander said.

Alexander is not the only one who received a notice.

Rhoda Caulder still has the trash bin the city deemed damaged in her possession.

"I actually had to walk around the trash can three times trying to figure out why, and when I saw it I realized it's where they were hooking it to their machine," Caulder said.

Caulder is frustrated because she says she did not cause the cracks and now it's her responsibility to either pay or get rid of the trash on her own.

"I'm on a fixed income, which means I have to take it out of my check and maybe let another bill go to replace it," Caulder said.

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