Photographer spots ‘UFO’ in Guilford County

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- A Guilford County man taking pictures and video of wildlife spotted something else flying by.

"I had been outside for an hour and decided I was done," freelance photographer Bret Jones said. "But this bright light caught my eye, it was very small."

Jones quickly turned his camera back on and started filming, not sure if he got the small flashing object. When it vanished, Jones couldn't wait to look at his work.

"I kind of zoomed in on it and it was like chills. I had no idea what that was," Jones said.

So he got a second opinion.

"I texted my mom, 'I saw a UFO.' She was like, 'What!?'" Jones said.

Jones posted the video online and soon got thousands of views and attention from UFO seekers.

"The response I got was mind blowing," Jones said.

There is the other point of view -- that it's not a UFO, it's just a balloon.

"It has a tether on it so it could be a balloon on a string. But, it's flashing and it's independently lighting up on each end," Jones said.

So did a UFO really fly over Guilford County?

"The universe is so big. Can't imagine how big it is," Jones said.

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