DHHS finds multiple violations during inspection of Davidson County Jail

LEXINGTON, N.C. -- The Department of Health and Human Services found multiple violations after last month's inspection of the Davidson County Jail.

"The report in December is looking worse than usual," County Commissioner Zak Crotts said.

Toilets that won't flush, mold on the walls, a broken smoke evacuation system and an overpopulated facility are just a few of the problems listed in the 18-page report. The Davidson County Sheriff's Office received a letter this month that said things need to change immediately.

"There is a new administration and the sheriff is going to come in on Feb. 7, give us an update on what he has done and what we need to do to correct the issues," Crotts said. "The sheriff has a constitutional duty to watch over the jail and maintain the jail and the board of commissioners has the liability. It is a capital project for us to make sure he has the adequate tools and space to carry out the constitution."

Right now, the state says the quality of the jail is unacceptable for inmates and staff.

"It's important for the jailers and the sheriff to have good working conditions in the jail and I don't think that with the way our current jail is set up that that's a possibility," Crotts said.

FOX8 reached out to the Davidson County Sheriff's Office and they told us that they don't want to comment on the issue until after their first meeting with the commissioners.

To see the full report of deficiencies at the Davidson County Jail, click here (PDF).

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