Police rescue 20-month-old child stuck in toy

FORT LEE, N.J. – A police officer in New Jersey rescued a boy who got stuck inside a toy.

WCBS reported that police in Fort Lee helped free 20-month-old Luca whose body became wedged inside his toy.

“It’s kind of comical if you think about the situation,” his mom, Soona Choe, said. “He couldn’t get out.”

The toy is designed to help teach about shapes but somehow, the child climbed inside and wedged his legs and knees inside, according to WCBS.

His mother called police when she realized she couldn’t get him out.

The toy didn’t have regular screws, so he had to forcefully break it open to free the child. Hernandez wound up using his own strength and before he knew it, Luca was finally free.

Fort Lee police have since posted images of the unique rescue to Facebook.

“When I got there his expression was just priceless, he had this face on like ‘yeah, I did it’. It was pretty cute,” Sergeant Rick Hernandez said.


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