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‘The Klan is awake’: Asheville police investigating after KKK recruitment flyer found in lawn

(Courtesy of Jarret Porter via WLOS)

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — An Asheville man called police after finding a KKK recruitment flyer on his lawn on Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, WLOS reports.

Jarret Porter said he got home around noon and found a Ziploc bag weighed down with rocks with the flyer inside.

The flyer reads, “You can rest well knowing the Klan is awake” and asks them to join the notorious hate group. The flyer includes phone numbers and a web address for more information, as well as information about a “Klan Talk Radio Podcast.”

Porter said that an African-American family lived across the street from him.

“I couldn’t imagine, if I was a person of color — I couldn’t imagine how that would feel,” Porter said to WLOS. “I would be terrified.”

According to Lt. Sean Aardema of the Asheville Police Department, investigators believe more residents may have received flyers and the next step could be reaching out to other law enforcement agencies to see if they are seeing similar activity.

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