Man finds body of North Carolina teen who was shot, killed while walking home from party

The scene where the body of Jon-Marvin Revels Jacobs was found. (WTVD)

HOKE COUNTY, N.C. — As the Hoke County Sheriff’s Office investigates the death of a high school student who was shot while walking home from a party Friday, a neighbor recounts the moment he found the teen’s body, WTVD reports.

Ronald Maynor made the discovery Saturday morning.

“You can tell there was some sort of trauma,” Maynor said. “He was bleeding to the head and he looked like he had been there for a while.”

The teenage victim was so badly injured, Maynor said he didn’t even realize him as Jon-Marvin Revels Jacobs, one of his neighbors and a close friend of his grandson’s.

Isaac Nesby told WTVD, “The little boy come to our house and we do a little drinking and play pool and we told him you’re not old enough to be here, you need to go home. Little boy didn’t have no problem and then he left.”

The Hoke County Sheriff’s Office says they’re following a number of leads but so far don’t think Jacobs was the intended target in the shooting.

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