Guilford County Animal Control reminds dog owners of tethering law during cold weather

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Animal control spent much of Tuesday on the doorsteps of homeowners in Greensboro to remind them of tethering laws and the threat the cold weather has on their pets.

Tethering means that a dog or another pet has been tied up to a stationary object and has been left alone outside. If owners are found doing this, they will be ticketed for $500.

Animal control also spent the day checking to make sure animals being left outside were safe.

They said it is not illegal to leave your pet outside if it has shelter and proper insulation. If not, then you will be fined for mistreatment of an animal.

Vets explained that dogs of most sizes are OK until temperatures reach 45 degrees. After that it can be increasingly dangerous for them to remain outside unprotected. They suggest you bring them inside or put hay/woodchips inside the dog house.

Lisa Lee stressed against putting just a blanket outside.

"If it gets too cold and wet the blanket can freeze to your dog," she said.

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