Prepping Guilford County school bus driver candidates to pass DMV exam

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. – Over two days, the Guilford County school district has offered tutoring to potential bus drivers.

The men and women spent hours in a classroom learning strategies like how to reorganize information and how to better retain and recall important facts they need to know to pass the DMV commercial license exam.

“We are not just sitting here watching videos. We are actually engaged in discussions, doing activities and trying to learn this information so we can pass the test,” said Jeff Harris, director of transportation with Guilford County Schools.

Joe Cross attended one session. He’s retired and looking for something with flexible hours to help him supplement his Social Security income.

“It is very thorough and it is nice because there is a lot of information I know and a lot I have forgotten over the years so it is an excellent course,” Cross said.

Each driver has to have a Class B commercial driver’s license before they can get behind the wheel of a school bus and take your kids to and from school. And with 50 vacancies in Guilford County, the school district wants every person to pass the test.

“If you think about, prior to us offering this class, participants would just go to the DMV, sit through two days of nothing but learning information and then take a test,” Harris said.

That was not working out that well for many potential drivers. Cross says when he initially applied, he was told out of 20 job candidates they may have had five that actually passed the CDL testing curriculum. Cross says he is not a great test taker so he is grateful for the course.

“It really presents it in an easy format to where you can remember it. They are actually giving you information on how to study and how to take your notes to bring out the really crucial notes so you remember it when you take the test,” Cross said.

On Jan. 24, the 18 or so people who attended the tutoring sessions will take their DMV exam. Once their results are in, the district will use their test scores to help make adjustments to their prep course.

The starting pay for Guilford County bus drivers is $12.50 per hour. If you are interested in becoming a bus driver you can apply here.

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