Man arrested for building bomb in sushi restaurant to see if bomb threats are taken seriously

Ivory Washington

DES MOINES, Iowa — A man was arrested after allegedly building a bomb at a sushi restaurant and calling in the bomb threat to see if such threats are taken seriously, KCCI reports.

Ivory Washington, the 40-year-old suspect, was “extremely frustrated with our world today and believes that people don’t take these types of threats seriously,” police said.

On Tuesday, Washington walked into Akebono and began assembling the bomb, like a hand grenade, at a table.

Despite his unusual behavior and even though the owner and employees noticed, neither the restaurant nor any of the customers called police or addressed him.

“(Washington) kept wandering around different tables,” Tran told KCCI. “(He would) go to the electric outlet and plug in some device, a phone jack or something, and go up to the bar a few times and ask to throw some trash away.”

Washington finally called police himself, reporting that a fake device was in the restaurant.

When the bomb squad arrived, they found the device and realized it was real.

If it had gone off, it would have killed anyone within 10 feet and injured anyone within 25 feet.

Washington was charged with possession of an explosive or incendiary material.

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