“I will not give up my passion”: Local woman pens through loss, brain injury

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Dealing with pain, loss and a brain injury, Rebekah Wagner used writing to help her cope through some of life’s challenges.

“I have a deteriorating brain. I was in a car accident when I was five - TBI, skull fractures, broke some ribs,” she said.

Wagner hasn’t let those injuries stand in the way of her goals, despite what some people told her.

“Was told that I had to give everything up, and I told my lawyer, 'Okay, I’ll give everything up, but I will not give up my passion for writing. It`s not gonna happen,'” she said.

She wrote a story inspired by her late grandmother, which is scheduled to be released next month.

In the novel “Visiting Heaven,” readers follow the life of Tori who falls into a downward spiral after losing her grandmother and fights to get back on track.

Wagner says the main character’s feelings were the same emotions she felt when her grandmother passed away.

Wagner says it was bond she shared with her grandmother that inspired her to keep pushing through obstacles.

“If you got an injury but you want to do something, you’ve got dreams, go out there and do it. Don`t let your disability stop you. It didn`t stop me. Don`t let it bring you down.”

“Visiting Heaven” has a release date of February 23.

Wagner says she has already started a new book she hopes to have published this summer.

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