Congregation raising money to repair Denton church heavily damaged by fire

DENTON, N.C. -- A fire that heavily damaged a church month ago is still being investigated by state Fire Marshal’s Office.

Investigators classified the cause of the fire Monday afternoon as “undetermined” unless they are given new information to go along with what remains as an open investigation.

Members of Siloam United Methodist Church in Denton plan to rebuild and restore the church’s original structure. Even though the building was insured, the congregation still needs to raise thousands of dollars to pay for the restoration.

“At this point, I think the congregation has great anticipation and wanting to see things progress, getting this scene cleaned up will be a big step,” Pastor Scott Davis said.

Davis said the cause of the fire being undetermined is mind-boggling.

“Somewhat disheartening that you can’t know an exact cause of why did this have to happen, but at the same time still leaving it all unto God’s hands that his plan is far outside of our understanding,” said Davis, while looking at the damage.

The church is moving forward, raising funds to help rebuild the church through a benefit breakfast.

They are also asking people to purchase portraits of the church. The portraits show early stages of the church and a nice shot of the church in the winter snow from last month. The prices are as follows:

8x10: $30
11x14: $40
16x20: $100

On Jan. 19, the church will hold a benefit breakfast from 7-10:30 a.m. at Clear Springs United Methodist Church on South Main Street in Denton. The cost to attend is through donations.

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