McDonald’s restaurant temporarily closes after man brings dead raccoon inside and sets it down on table

McDonald’s stock photo (Getty Images)

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – A McDonald’s restaurant in California temporarily closed after a man brought a dead, bloody raccoon inside and put it on a table.

KNTV reported that the McDonald’s on Potrero Avenue and 16th Street in San Francisco has reopened.

Video shows an unidentified man bringing the dead animal inside the restaurant Sunday and leaving it on a table.

Somebody else wearing gloves then took the animal outside and dumped it in the garbage, leaving a trail of blood inside.

Scott Rodrick, the owner and operator of the McDonald’s, said the restaurant was closed immediately afterwards.

“Staff cleaned and sanitized the entire dining room and reopened the restaurant two hours later. The health department visited the restaurant this afternoon and cleared the restaurant for full operations. We are thankful that SFPD and animal control were so responsive to the incident,” Rodrick said in a statement.

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