Beer makers in the Triad feeling the impact of government shutdown

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- As the partial government shutdown continues, more people are getting anxious.

The impact is reaching across the country, including here in the Piedmont.

Beer makers are being impacted by the shutdown.

Eric Kevorkian has big plans for his new brewery, SouthEnd Brewing Co., in downtown Greensboro.

"We love beer," he said. "I think of the places where you really enjoy being with your friends. You're sitting down, no worries, no pressure and really good beer."

He and his son Seth are excited for what's to come, like a backyard beer garden filled with seating and games.

They applied for their license to start brewing beer back in November.

It usually takes just a couple of months.

"Normally it takes a couple of months to get it. Normally we'd be getting it now, but the process is on hold," Kevorkian said.

The taps won't start flowing until the shutdown ends.

The Tax and Trade Bureau is in charge of getting their licenses approved.

"[It's] probably a lot for breweries, it'll be an issue," adds Jamie Bartholomaus, the co-owner of Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem.

The TTB is also in charge of approving new labels sold across state lines.

"We sell in six states overall," Bartholomaus said. "It's about 15 to 20 percent of our business."

That's a big chunk of change for the brewery, but they're not too worried just yet.

"It takes about five to six months to launch a brand," he said. "My guess is some seasonal beers could possibly get delayed."

But beer lovers across the Piedmont may not be too happy.

"Some people will probably call us and complain or say, 'Why can't we get it,'" Bartholomaus said.

"We're just going to move ahead as if we're getting the license," Kevorkian said. "We're going to be really disappointed if we don't. We won't be able to open."

Both men told FOX8 if the government shut down doesn't last much longer, the delays won't be too bad.

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