Police officers freak out on video after squirrel gets into Illinois station

MCHENRY, Ill. — An uninvited guest caused a commotion at an Illinois police department last Saturday.

"In 2019 we're upping our training game," the McHenry Police Department posted to Facebook on Jan. 1. "This video is a test of our officer's ability to handle disorderly subjects who come in to the police department."

The video shows a squirrel caught in the entryway to the station between the exterior and interior doors.

In the first few seconds, an officer is standing on a chair inside.

"The officer isn't standing on the chair because he was scared, BTW," the police department wrote, unconvincingly. "It's a police 'tactical approach.'"

The officer then steps down and tries to coax the squirrel out an exterior door.

Hilarity ensues as the squirrel leaps and bounds around the entryway and the officer flinches around trying to avoid it.

"Note, Mr. Squirrel made it out just fine and was not injured," the police department added. "Our officers on the other hand, they are seeking counseling."

The video went viral with more than a million views, 11,200 shares and over 8,000 reactions.

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