Better Business Bureau warns of Bank of America phishing scam

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Better Business Bureau wants you to be aware of the new way people are taking your credit card or bank information.

"Honestly, this is a new twist on that whole phishing scam," said Lechelle Yates, of the BBB.

One local woman unknowingly gave scammers information to get into her online banking account. She didn't notice until she got a notification later that day about her account being wiped out.

"This is one of things where your first instinct when you get one of these phone calls is to say, 'Thank you so much for calling me. What do I need to do?'" Yates said.

The Greensboro BBB said you need to pay attention when you get a call with someone asking for account information, because they're hitting people at alarming rates.

"We've all gotten those and I think that we all for whatever reason think those are a little more legitimate," Yates said.

These calls are not legitimate. If you happen to get one, these are the steps you need to take:

"Don't get caught up in that rush. Say, 'Thank you very much for calling. I'm going to call you back,' and then hang up the phone immediately. Don't give them time to protest," Yates said.

That's when the BBB suggests that you call the number on the back of your card to check if the information you were told is true.

"I think that they could also leave a voicemail. So if you get one of these voicemails don't leave the phone number that they leave," she said.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers reported $1.3 million fraud related complaints in 2016. They also reported paying $744 million in those fraud complaints. said "card not present" or CNP fraud will continue to rise through the mediums of telephones and the internet, especially with the recent development of the debit card chip.

A Bank of America representative said they're looking into the incident. They're trying to find out if there are anymore of those particular calls going around the area. Until then, the BBB suggests that you take caution and report any suspicious activity.

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