2 suspects likely responsible for 18 different business robberies, Greensboro police say

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Two people could be behind more than a dozen business robberies in the city of Greensboro.

Police say the suspects may have hit 18 different locations across the city between the end of November and beginning of this year.

FOX8 received surveillance footage from the Kwik Trip on East Wendover Avenue. In the video taken on Dec. 27, you can see two people with hoods on and their faces covered walking into the store. One points a gun and demands money, the other steals merchandise.

“They are focusing on discount stores and convenience stores,” said Deputy Chief James Hinson Jr., with Greensboro police.

Hinson says his investigative team is working to track the people down. He says they likely stake out the area outside the businesses before going in. He is asking people to keep an eye out.

“If you see something suspicious in and around businesses, give police a call,” Hinson said.

Now, Greensboro police are checking to see if these people are also connected to more recent crimes.

Just this weekend, there were at least five commercial robberies, including one at University Mart on Warren Street near Spring Garden Street.

“We never have a problem,” said Mohammad Dajani, who was working at the mart on Monday. “When this happened it shocked me.”

Two men came into the store on Sunday and choked the clerk on duty before taking off with money.

Dajani said the clerk is a mom of two who didn’t deserve this.

“She helps anybody, everybody,” Dajani said. “I bet if these two guys came back to ask for help she would help them.”

He hopes police find the people responsible quickly.

“He touched her,” Dajani said. “If it's all about the money, take the money but don't hurt her, you know.”

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