Dog saved after fireworks strapped to back and set off on New Year’s Eve

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HOUSTON, Texas — On New Year's Eve, the life of this 2-year-old dog changed for the worse — then better.

For days she had been wandering Keith Harrow Boulevard.

Monday night, she was in a parking lot, near a club where Lori Bergeron and her husband intended to celebrate the new year.

"Word got out that there was a dog that'd been found in the back, and it appeared that the dog had had fireworks strapped to her," Bergeron said.

They took the injured pup home, cared for her and took her to an emergency clinic, wondering all the while, "Who would do this to an animal?"

"The fact they could do that and then move on without a care in the world, makes you wonder what their heart is like," said neighbor Devon Clay.

Three days later at Jersey Village Animal Hospital, her wounds are healing, her coat shaved where the duct tape that bound the fireworks had melted to her body.

And now she has a name, Meg Rayburn, and she's in the care of Dachshund Rescue Of Houston.

"She had no chip, no tags, nothing. So at that point we were able to bring her in to our rescue," said Toni Rumley of Dachshund Rescue Of Houston.

Meg is currently in a foster home and the family that adopts her will be very carefully screened.

This little dog now has a future, all because she ran into someone with a heart.

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