Mother warns parents about ‘Bunchems’ after 5-year-old daughter gets 50 tangled in hair

(Image provided by Jasmine Nikunen)

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A mother in Arkansas is warning parents about a popular toy that took days to get out of her child’s hair.

KTHV reported that Jasmine Nikunen’s 5-year-old daughter Scarlett’s long hair got tangled up with more than 50 “Bunchems.”

The toys are colorful, small balls that stick together to make endless creations. The box warns users to keep them away from their hair.

Nikunen said a 3-year-old poured a bucket of Bunchems over her daughter’s head and it took two days to get them out.

She said they used about a dozen containers each of coconut oil and vegetable oil and “any hair oil you could think of.”

Thankfully, Nikunen said they didn’t have to cut Scarlett’s hair. She recommends parents watch their children and make sure they’re careful when playing with Bunchems.

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