Greensboro sees decrease in crime in 2018

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- For the year 2018, the City of Greensboro saw a significant decline in crime.

According to the city’s report, commercial robberies were down 32 percent and homicides were down by 23 percent.

“2017 was a spike year for us, it went up. So really our rate corrected and we benefited with a 23 percent reduction overall the number of homicides we had,” Police Chief Wayne Scott said.

Aggravated assaults saw a 15 percent drop and thefts from cars were down by 17 percent. The chief believes some programs they’ve put in place over the last few years played a role in the decline.

“Secondly, we have had an almost two-year program called the Safer City Summit. We've partnered with our community to look at non-traditional policing methods of addressing crime in general. And we've seen some success there around things like housing and employment, having conversations with our communities about how do we make our community safer," Scott said.

“I think crime is down in this neighborhood because we care. We look out for each other,” resident Jim Donaldson said.

“I feel safe yeah, but you know it's always those parts of town I feel like the police are patrolling more often nowadays,” Theryon Jackson said.

Chief Scott says the community wants to be a part of the solution and the information from those community members has been key to helping them put those who are committing the crime behind bars.

“It's about us all working together, whether it be the homicide numbers or the assault numbers or even the larceny numbers, it's about the community partnership with their local police, GPD believes in that and has made a difference,” Scott said.

The department plans to post more content on their social media platforms.

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