Davidson County man collects Christmas trees to feed to his goats

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- At the end of the holiday season, most cities collect Christmas trees and turn them into mulch. But if you live in a rural area, Davidson County resident Scott McMullen explains you might not have that option.

"You have to take them to a special dump station and there's a fee for that," McMullen said.

So McMullen came up with a cheap solution that helps homeowners and his four goats. If you live in north Davidson County, McMullen will take your Christmas tree for free and feed it to his goats.

"There is a natural deworming process to it," McMullen said. "It beats me having to run around and medicate them with some pharmaceutical stuff. I'd rather go all natural with them."

Folks from across the county have been responding to McMullen's post on the North Davidson County Community Facebook page. This is the first time McMullen has done this. So far, he has collected 10 to 20 trees.

"I've gone into neighborhoods now where four or five people in that neighborhood gather them up in one place and I pick them up in one group," McMullen said. "That's a good feeling."

All the tinsel and other artificial items must be removed from the Christmas tree before McMullen can feed it to his goats. McMullen is also gathering trees because he is new to northern Davidson County.

"I get to meet people in the community, see what things are about," McMullen said. "I am fresh to this community. That is the objective, to learn all about it."

It will take about five days for the four goats to eat a small tree. Sometimes they can do it under five days when the three pigs get involved.

To connect with McMullen, his post is on the North Davidson County Community Facebook page.

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