Healthy New Year: New Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

While many New Year’s resolutions often involve weight loss, there are other ways to put a fresh spin on health-related goals. The first involves practicing self-care and defining what wellness looks like in your life. One strategy for working on your well-being is to focus on a central theme. This theme can serve as an anchor for all aspects of your physical, mental, social, spiritual or financial life.

Have a specific plan in place for meeting your goals so you don’t set yourself up for failure. By starting with a theme, you can set small, attainable goals anchored in that theme. If your theme is “peace” and you want to save more money to experience more financial peace, ask yourself the following questions to help you get there:

  • What does financial peace look like?
  • How much will you save to experience this?
  • How will you save/what’s your action plan?

By answering these questions before you begin your resolution, you can plan for success.

Set boundaries. No one can define self-care for you, so set a goal of what this looks like for you. That means saying no to some things so you can recharge and keep your goals in front. Do something for yourself each day that aligns in what you are anchored in - whether that is taking a walk, reading a book or watching a favorite TV show.

Cone Health has an exceptional network of behavioral health providers throughout the area that can help you work towards your wellness and mental health goals. Visit to find a counselor near you.

Spokesperson Background:

Sannyu Harris is a licensed professional counselor with Cone Health’s Employee Assistance Counseling Program. She completed her undergraduate degree at Bennett College, has a master’s degree from North Carolina A&T State University and is doctoral candidate at Regent University.

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