Family says hoverboard exploded, forcing them to flee house fire

PALM COAST, Fla. -- Melissa Bodiford, her daughter, niece and 11-year-old son Brodie are lucky to be alive after their Palm Coast home went up in flames.

Bodiford said the cause of the fire was a hoverboard Brodie got for Christmas.

"The hover board blew up. I seen it blow up," Bodiford told WESH.

Palm Coast Fire Chief Jerry Forte said it is hard to do determine if the hoverboard was in fact the cause of the fire, but it was in close proximity to where the fire started.

Bodiford said the decision to watch a popular new movie may have actually saved their lives.

"Shout out to 'Bird Box,' if it wasn't for everyone talking about that movie, for me to watch it and for all of us who sat in the front room, I would not have my son, my daughter, or my niece," Bodiford said.

Crews were able to find one wheel of the hoverboard but everything else seem to be destroyed.

"I just think those things need to be banned out of stores, now they need to go," Bodiford said.

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