Man finds Bible unscathed after fire destroys his home

(Image provided by Charles House)

TYLER, Texas – A Texas man said he found his Bible unscathed after a fire destroyed his home.

KLTV reported that the fire recently started early in the morning at Charles House’s home, which was a storage building converted into a tiny house.

“I looked up and my whole bedroom was on fire,” said House. “All I could do was just jump up and run out the house.”

House said his personal Bible was one of the items that was barely touched by the flames.

“He said His word would not perish, and the Bible did not burn,” he said. “It was scorched but it did not burn. That Man’s word is real.”

House said the home is a total loss. Nobody was hurt.

The fire was started after “hazardous wiring” caused circuits to overload, according to the fire marshal’s investigation.

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