Lexington homeowner talks about capturing car break-in suspects on home surveillance camera

LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Neighbors in Lexington feeling violated after thieves walked onto their property and broke into their vehicles.

This week Lexington police released video of two suspects seen in the Vineyards neighborhood believed to be connected to multiple car break-ins.

FOX8 spoke with the homeowner whose security cameras captured the two strangers.

Michael Creswell says he didn’t even think to look at his home surveillance video until reading on a neighborhood Facebook page about multiple car break-ins near his home on Wintergreen Court.

Creswell’s cameras recorded two men in an older model Chevrolet truck reverse into his driveway. Both men walk up to Creswell’s front door and linger before noticing a video recording sign posted on the door and then quickly make their way back to the truck.

Creswell is grateful his cameras captured the two men, but says it’s still unnerving to think what was going on just outside his front door.

“You know you get a lot of what ifs in your head. When you’ve been sleeping and you didn’t even know if... what could have happened,” Creswell said.

Police are still searching for the two men in the surveillance video. Anyone with any information can call Lexington police at (336) 243-2400 or 911.

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