Bull escapes gated pasture, goes on adventure in Davidson County

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- An 18-month-old bull decided to take an adventure away from its gated pasture.

Charles Berrier owns the bull along with 12 other cattle at a farm along Becky Hill Road. Neighbors in the area spotted the animal wandering around in their yards and grazing on grass.

“I didn't know he was out to yesterday evening and we put him in the pasture yesterday and fixed the fence where I thought he got out... maybe [it was] another place,” Berrier said.

The bull escaped twice this week.

“There are some tree limbs that fell on the fence and tore the fence down,” Berrier said.

Berrier believes the tree limbs along his pasture’s fence allowed the bull to escape. He says during this time of the year, the animals are on a hunt to find fresh green grass to eat.

He spent part of Thursday afternoon looking for the animal near the woods right next to the pasture.

Hours later, the bull was spotted back inside of the pasture.

“I may have to get him in the barn since he's starting to get out,” said Berrier, as he chuckled.

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