Neighborhood in Greensboro keeps a close eye out for any possible porch pirates

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – With porch pirates peering into people's homes this time of year, it's natural that neighbors are a little edgy when they see someone they don't know on their street.

One neighborhood in Greensboro is banding together to ward off any bandits. There are watchful eyes behind the windows on Wynnewood Drive in Greensboro.

On Sunday, they saw something they thought was suspicious.

"It made us nervous," says Erika Browne. "There was a truck that kept circling around and it was a little odd. A little different. They were going really slow and looking at the houses."

Creeping down their cul-de-sac was a white truck neighbors had never seen before.

A few people inside of the car were knocking on doors to see if anyone needed their trees trimmed.

That's when neighbors sprung into action.

"We've had a lot of package thefts in the neighborhood and it's a little concerning. We do try to keep on the lookout for each other here and report things when we can and keep our neighbors posted," says Sara Core. "One of the neighbors called the police."

Greensboro police checked it out and assured the neighborhood that nothing illegal was going on.

FOX8 called the company that put out the flyers. The woman who answered the call says they're a tree service company and often do door knocks.

She understands people's unease this time of year and even admits that calling the police was the right thing to do.

"We all luckily watch out for each other and text each other when there are issues. But with kids and little kids, you get nervous with them playing out front when there are cars like this...and casing houses," says Browne. "You just want to make sure you're safe in your own home."

While this incident didn't turn into a problem, people living in this neighborhood say they're ready for the next time.

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