How to protect your home when you’re away for the holidays

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If you're looking forward to your holiday vacation, you can bet thieves are looking forward to your vacation too.

“Typically in the holiday season we see more crimes of opportunity,” said Officer Jamie Fulton with Greensboro Police.

Officer Fulton said there are some common sense ways to protect your home from those opportunistic offenders.

“If you`re going out of town, make sure your drapes are closed,” he said. “As proud as you are of that Christmas tree and as much as I`d like to ride by and see it, I don`t want it to be an opportunity where somebody with bad intentions can look in the window and see presents underneath the tree.”

He recommends breaking down boxes for big ticket items, especially electronics, and putting them in the recycling can or taking them to a local recycling facility.

“We don`t want to see them put down by the curb which then advertises to somebody driving by that that item is now in the house,” he said.

If you want an extra layer of protection, there are some smart home options for you.

“Of course we offer the doorbell camera that we have here,” said Brian Chambliss with CPI Security Systems. “But we also offer interior and exterior cameras as well as intrusion protection items, as we call them.”

Chambliss said the doorbell camera is one of the more popular items all year, but the holiday season CPI sees more people rushing to get them.

The products allow users see whenever someone is delivering packages. They can also allow them to see whoever could be up to no good.

“The In Touch app and the platform we have lets them check in their home when they`re away. They can see the camera footage from their doorbell or inside their house and arm the system, even turn on and off lights to make it appear someone is home,” Chamblis said.

For years, the advice was let police know you`re going to be out of town so they could do routine checks at the house. Officer Fulton said GPD doesn`t really do that much anymore. But the best line of defense is to have a trusted neighbor check on the house.

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