Local ‘miracle baby’ Noelle Aguiar celebrates 7th birthday

Some stories insist on being told.

Noelle Aguiar was an unusual gift from God – early, but so strong and determined to be everything she could be. Noelle was born at 27 weeks but, because of a condition during Jill’s pregnancy, Noelle was, developmentally, a 19-week fetus, weighing less than a pound. Those rarely survive but, as we said, Noelle is … rare.

“I think the pressure at the beginning was just to get to breathe, you wanted her to take that first breath. So then there's that element of pressure in the back of not breathing, but now daily life, the normal busy family life -- so the pressure is just different, just not moment by moment,” her father Tom said.

“The first months, it was just enjoy-the-moments-you-have because you really didn't think that you would have more than beyond that. So, enjoy the here and now,” Jill said. “And some days it was minute by minute, others were hour by hour and you finally got to the point to where, 'We made it through another day, I think we will make it through another one.'”

They’ve made it through more than 2,500 days, as Noelle recently celebrated her 7th birthday.

Things aren’t perfect – Noelle still has some health and developmental challenges – but, overall, they’re really good.

“I think we grow in different ways under pressure,” Tom said, about what they’ve learned over those years. “When there is a problem instead of turning away from it and running away, I learned to embrace the situation. Learning to work through any task now seems easy.”

Meet Noelle in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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