North Myrtle Beach restaurant suing customer over negative review after coupon dispute

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Buoys on the Boulevard (Google Maps)

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — A North Myrtle Beach restaurant is suing a woman after she posted a negative review on Facebook following a coupon dispute, the Sun News reports.

On Oct. 30, Doreen Gale-Alfano went to Buoys on the Boulevard with a friend and tried to use a coupon that was supposed to cover dinner for two people up to $30.

Gale-Alfano was told the restaurant was under new ownership and they could not honor her coupon.

The restaurant changed ownership — and their name, which was formerly Buoys Beach Bar & Grille — in March, according to the newspaper.

Gale-Alfano posted a review on Facebook on Oct. 30 saying:

“Awful food….found a worm in my sushi.

“Also had a fast crawling bug on the wall.

“The Junga game is a germ carrier.

“Go and enjoy if you don’t care cuz the new owner doesn’t at all….”

The restaurant replied in a comment:

“Hi Doreen, your visit last night is on our camera and you never ordered any food. NO SUSHI was made for you. You and your father came in last night with a $30.00 off coupon dated October 2017 from Grand Strand Dining Group. We bought the business in March 2018 and are not affiliated with Grand Strand Dining Group. We tried to explain that and you were livid because we would not accept the coupon. We did comp out a Grey Goose Martini, a beer and a coke. We also let you know to go to Duffy Street to redeem the coupon. I did see where you went there after you left here. I can post the video of your entire visit on our camera playback and see where only drinks were at your table. I find it really sad that you would stoop so low to post lies about a business because of your anger. You did let the staff know that you would get on social media and ruin our business. Those are your own words.”

The owner of Buoys on the Boulevard later commented:

“We have you on film, we have tried to speak with you privately through messages and you refuse to respond. We have the testimony of the manager who dealt with you last night, plus two other employees who identified you through the video. We also have a picture of the expired coupon you attempted to use. This will be our last response, tomorrow morning I will be going to our attorney and moving forward with him on this, this is slander. Already spoken with law enforcement and they agree. You will hear from us soon.”

The lawsuit asks for an unspecified amount of damages.

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