Michigan business owner gives employees $4 million in Christmas bonuses

LUDINGTON, Mich. -- Employees this time of year look forward to a holiday bonus from their employer and workers at one business in Michigan have an especially generous boss, WWTV reports.

The owner of FloraCraft, Lee Schoenherr, announced he's giving each of his employees a share of $4 million, which for some employees, adds up to tens of thousands of dollars.

The amount each employee takes home will be based on how many years they've spent at FloraCraft.

Employees like Bert Daines, who has been there for more than 40 years, will get around $60,000.

"Everybody was just ecstatic. I heard nothing but positive results, people were just counting the money already in their mind, all the things they're gonna do with it. For me, that's just slide it into the 401(k) for retirement," Daines said.

Twenty-five percent of the bonus will be paid out as cash, the rest as a 401(k) contribution.

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