Lexington man arrested after several homes ransacked, valuable items stolen

LEXINGTON, N.C. — A Lexington man is facing charges for allegedly breaking into multiple homes within less than a two-mile radius.

Lexington police arrested Christopher Jones, 20, on several counts of felony breaking and entering.

One of the victim’s home was burglarized in early December.

Kingsley McIntosh lives in a normally quiet Lexington community, and he said it’s frustrating knowing your home was ransacked.

“Your home is your sacred place. You shouldn’t have to worry about someone coming into your place and violating your home and taking stuff from you,” said McIntosh.

The burglar got away with a 43-inch television and a diamond ring, and left another TV and a laptop damaged.

“Tore my table up, tore my end tables up, you know, running in trying to grab something quick and leaving,” said McIntosh.

Police and McIntosh said this is not the only home Jones broke into.

“So he was breaking into people houses, homes, and sending pictures of what he had and selling it to random people,” said McIntosh.

And what makes the homeowner even more upset is that he knows Jones.

Arrest warrants reveal Jones broke into three other homes nearby, taking a four-wheeler, jewelry, gaming consoles and televisions.

Jones has been ordered not to have contact with his victims.

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