Do you have unclaimed property or cash in North Carolina? Here’s how to find out

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A check for almost $5,000 made out to Hospice of Davidson County -- that’s a lot of money for a nonprofit organization, especially when this donation came out of the blue.

This money was unclaimed property sitting in the state treasurer`s office.

NC State Treasurer Dale Folwell says there are nearly 11 million records of things that belong to people that total over $700 million dollars.

The unclaimed property is turned over to the state treasurer after a company loses track of a customer. Typically it`s from closed bank accounts, utility deposits, stocks that people forget about, or the proceeds of a life insurance policy.

Folwell said, “This year the largest payout -- we've had $656,000 to one individual from the life insurance proceeds that they didn't know they had.”

It's easy to find out if you have unclaimed property. Go to the website Type in your name and city. If you`ve moved, try those cities, too.

Be careful though. There are companies that charge you to search for unclaimed property. Don`t fall for that. The services at the state treasurer’s are free.

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