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Explore the dark in the NC Zoo’s Nocturnal wing

The North Carolina Zoo allows visitors to see unique animals from all over the world, including some that in the wild only come out at night.

In this Zoo Filez, Shannon Smith learns more about how the nocturnal animals that only come out when it's dark.

The habitats in the Nocturnal wing stay dark during the day and become bright at nigh tot mimic the way nocturnal animals live in the wild.

Many of these creatures have exaggerated features to help them survive without sunlight.

For example, sand cats have large ears to help them find prey and listen for predators. Long whiskers allow them to feel in dark corners. Large eyes give them the ability to see in very low light.

Vampire bats have very large noses to smell their prey. They also have a special organ that senses heat to help them find their prey in the dark.

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