Woman falls off motorcycle on I-95, run over by several vehicles

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. — She was on a first date when she tumbled off a motorcycle on Interstate 95 and died after several vehicles ran over her, WSVN reports.

Jennifer St. Clair, a 33-year-old, was found dead on the highway in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Her family said she was on a first date with a member she met online.

They had finished dinner at a Delray Beach restaurant and were driving home when she fell off.

“We’re still trying to process all of this,” said St. Clair’s aunt Amy Gamber to WSVN. “We’re trying to get closure.”

Family said the man did not stop the motorcycle or call 911.

Family attorney Todd Falzone, however, said three motorcyclists were at the scene, and one called 911.

A driver who stopped at the scene told WSVN he spoke with one of the motorcyclists who stopped. When asked, the biker told him the woman was dead.

The driver said the biker left shortly after.

Family reported that investigators may have tracked down a biker who called 911 after the accident.

Further details were unavailable.

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