Randolph County Christmas tree farm reopens after snowstorm

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Even before Thanksgiving, a steady crowd of Christmas tree shoppers were stopping by Spillman's Christmas Tree Farm.

"We had happy customers that were excited to get their tree," Beverly Spillman said.

Spillman and her husband Darrell have been at their Randolph County location since 2006. Visitors can take a hayride to choose and cut their own tree. Or they can buy pre-cut Fraser firs.

"The past three weekends have been busy and very blessed," Spillman said.

The Spillmans have another reason to count their blessings. During the height of Sunday's snowstorm, heavy wet snow collapsed a shade cover that was protecting trees that were in storage. No one was hurt.

"The wind was blowing on Sunday," Spillman said. "I thought all of the snow from the roof was falling. Then I looked out of the window and the shade cloth came tumbling down."

Snow buried the freshly cut Fraser firs. The family had to dig out the trees and set them aside for a moment.

"So you just want to let the snow melt. Once all of this ice gets off of them, see how it pops back up. Nothing got damaged," Spillman said.

Spillman's Christmas Tree Farm sells about 3 to 10 trees a day. Darrell Mashburn and Lisa Spano couldn't resist the urge to walk through a snow-covered tree farm.

"It's pretty awesome to be honest," Mashburn said. "We were going to do an artificial tree then decided, why not, let's go with a real tree."

Mashburn found the Christmas tree he wanted. It had the right height and shape. Plus the tree had the right location.

"The reality of it is when you go local, you are getting a fresh tree and I support local business," Mashburn said.

The few Christmas trees that were not able to be saved will be used for wreath making or chipped into mulch.

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