Guilford County Schools crews work to clear campuses after snow

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Guilford County Schools is spending the school closure days cleaning up the grounds from ice and snow.

"This is a particularly tough situation because of the depths of the snow," said Gerald Greeson, director of building services.

With the area seeing more than 10 inches of snow, Guilford County Schools crews are having to do twice the work they're use to.

"We left last night about 9 o'clock. The problem we have is when it gets later it starts to freeze back," Greeson said.

It takes several hands to clear all of the main entrances and parking lots of every single school.

"We have 18 pieces of equipment, approximately 40 folks working day and night," Greeson said.

Their goal is to have all of the work done by Wednesday. They're having difficulties finding a place to put all of the snow.

"We're up to the task. It's what we do," Greeson said. "The guys are working late hours in cold conditions and that type of thing, but that's what we do and we appreciate everyone's support and everyone's patience."

Custodians are also helping by clearing sidewalks and school steps. The transportation department is responsible for the snow and ice on all buses.

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