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Morgan Elementary’s Lisa England becomes NC Media Coordinator of the Year

Lisa England wears a variety of hats. She is the media coordinator at Morgan Elementary School in Clemmons. She's part singer, part actress and part super hero to her students.

According to fifth grader Kenzie Bullins, they love her!

"She brings the books to life by using her voice, and it just gets into your imagination and makes you think that the books is just a movie right in front of you," she said.

Fifth-grader Brooke Cosby agrees.

"She's really special because if we're having trouble with anything she's always there for us," Cosby said. "And she kinda inspired me to start reading a lot."

Those are just a few of the many reasons England was chosen as the North Carolina Media Coordinator of the Year.

Over the years England has seen her job change with kids more digitally minded today. But she says, you have to grow with the times. But the one thing she will not change is her efforts to get kids to love reading books.

"Technology is a very important tool for our kids to learn," England said. "We need 21st-century learners. They need those skills. But one of my feet is always going to be planted firmly in children's literature because that is the start of it all for me."

That's why it important to her to show her students that books can be fun and just as exciting as the video games they are playing!

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