Triad residents stock up ahead of winter storm

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- With the Triad expecting a winter weather mix this weekend, people everywhere are preparing for it. Stores were packed and shelves were empty.

People wanted to get a head start on their shopping before the real crowds start stocking up closer to Sunday.

"You know instead of waiting until Saturday morning, I would go ahead and prepare with our groceries and any other things we need now because even Lowe's was down to their last box of snow shovels," Avery Bernstein said.

The weather is causing many concerns. Some shoppers said that previous winters taught them important lessons, which is why so many people hit the stores early.

"Several years ago we had a bad ice storm and all the trees were falling out in the roads and yard, so I want to have me a chainsaw to help myself out," David Hamilton said.

Many stores are making sure their employees keep things stocked, that way shoppers will have all the items they need to be prepared for the weather.

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