Police arrest teenager accused of stealing packages off porches in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Police have arrested a teenager accused of stealing packages off people’s porches in Greensboro.

Jonathan Hiltomen, 17, of Greensboro, was arrested at his home on Bessemer Avenue on Thursday morning, according to Greensboro police.

Hiltomen was jailed under a $15,000 bond on two counts of larceny and one count of possession of marijuana.

The suspect, wearing a hat, hoodie and Eastpak backpack, was allegedly caught on camera at three different homes on Tuesday.

The person on video can be seen taking packages from a home in the Westerwood neighborhood after 7 a.m. Shortly, after that he stopped by a house in the College Hill Neighborhood.

After 9 a.m., you can see him walking up to a Fisher Park home. He picks up the doormat, reaches into the mailbox and stuffs the mail into the pocket of his hoodie.

The homeowner, who wanted to remain anonymous, told FOX8 he also went around her home trying to open doors, looked through windows and tried to take a TV from her porch.

All three homeowners shared the videos, taken from their doorbell cameras, so that other neighbors could keep an eye out for the suspicious man.

Police recommend you schedule deliveries, set up notifications and leave instructions so your packages are left in a safe, less visible area.

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