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Volunteer Center of Greensboro helps to find helping hands

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- There’s a lot of emphasis on giving this time of year, but for nonprofits, the best gift they can receive is often your time.

The Volunteer Center of Greensboro is dedicated to making sure there are plenty of volunteers to go around.

“We have a lot of people that walk in our doors or call us on the phone or look at our website and try to find ways that they can give back that will be meaningful for them,” Executive Director Carley Swaim Walker said.

Hope Tyler, the director of volunteers, estimates that the organization deployed about 105,000 acts of volunteerism last year.

In 2014, the Volunteer Center of Greensboro developed a program called Corporate Caring.

It gives people the opportunity to give back through their companies.

“That can be project matching where we kind of go out and find the project for them, or it can be our fully-managed service project where we bring everything they need to them,” said Erin Kennedy, the director of programs.

Corporate Caring and another program, Reducing Hunger Through Service – an initiative that addresses food insecurity in the Piedmont, are the Volunteer Center of Greensboro’s fastest growing programs.

The staff credits The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro’s investment in its strategic planning model for the growth.

“The community foundation has really just wrapped their arms around us and said we support what you're doing and you're doing amazing work and we want to invest in your future, so you'll be around for another 55 years,” Swaim Walker said.