‘Walking Dead’ star adopts Charlotte’s inseparable emu and donkey

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This unlikely pair made headlines after Carolina Waterfowl Rescue discovered they were closer than initially thought.

Now, the famously in-love donkey and emu have found an equally unlikely home.

On Tuesday, the rescue loaded up Jack the donkey and Diane the emu into a trailer to bring them to their new home in New York with actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton.

Morgan plays the character Negan on “The Walking Dead.”

“We are excited and hope that everyone can keep up with Jack and Diane at their new home,” the rescue said in a Tuesday Facebook post. “Jeffrey frequently posts pictures of his farm and animals on social media.”

Based on some of Morgan’s photos on Twitter, it looks like Jack and Diane have found themselves a home that is already filled with love.

Carolina Wildlife Rescue first discovered the pair’s partnership back on Nov. 6.

“We realized today the donkey and the emu need to stay together. They are very bonded,”  the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue posted to Facebook.

The male donkey and female emu came to the Charlotte rescue from Kershaw, South Carolina, after their owner disappeared, according to The Charlotte Observer.

When they tried to separate the two, the donkey cried and the emu became frantic.

They spend all their time together, even cuddling and sleeping together.

The rescue confirmed on Nov. 8 that they would not split them up and were looking for a home that could welcome them both.

“These are RESCUED animals and we dont have life history,” the page posted. “All we know is they are a donkey and an emu.”

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