Another dog runs loose at Hanes Magnet School day after woman attacked half-mile away

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Another loose dog was found running on the Hanes Magnet School campus Tuesday. This, the day after a woman was attacked by four dogs a half-mile away and less than a week after a student was bitten by a dog on school grounds.

Tuesday morning, an animal control officer was back at the scene of Monday’s attack on East Sprague Street attempting to figure out who owns the dogs that attacked the woman, who is in her mid-60s according to family members.

Those family members say the victim is still in the hospital, “shaken up” and “not doing well.” They hope she can return home this week.

“I just seen her walking down the street,” said the victim’s neighbor, Sue Crawford. “She walks down the street constantly.”

Crawford called the number of stray dogs in the Sprague Street area “outrageous,” adding that they often roam the neighborhood rummaging through trash cans.

“That’s crazy,” she said, after watching the video of the attack for the first time. “She could have lost her life.”

Monday’s attack came just four days after a dog bit an 11-year-old student on the Hanes Magnet School campus. Investigators say a Winston-Salem police sergeant who responded to the school shot the dog as it aggressively charged at him.

The dog’s owner, Luis Munos, 23, was cited for owning a dangerous dog that attacked a person and caused physical injury.

Lauren Anica, 22, was cited for unlawfully permitting animals to run at large.

On Tuesday, officers responded to Hanes Magnet School once more for another report of a loose dog on campus. Students were seen being ushered back into their classrooms as animal control attempted to corral the dog.

A Winston-Salem police officer eventually helped capture the dog, returning it to its owner as animal control assumed the investigation.

Animal control said the dog was not taken from its owner.

Karen Pratchett, who lives behind the school, says a loose dog attacked her 14-year-old miniature greyhound about two months ago.

“Just bit him open,” she said.

The 14-year-old dog had to be taken to the vet, where it was saved.

“He could have died if we didn’t get him there on time,” Pratchett said.

People living along Sprague Street hope the recent run-ins will help bring attention to the dogs running loose in the neighborhood.

“Maybe it can eliminate some of the problems that’s going on around here,” Crawford said.

Citations and fines were officially filed in relation to Monday’s incident, according to animal control. The exact details were not immediately available.

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