Greensboro Christmas tree lot changing lives with each sale

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It's that time of year when Christmas trees start lining streets and popping up in parking lots. Delancey Street Christmas Trees is one of those lots back in Greensboro.

You've probably driven past Delancey Street's lot on North Church Street, not knowing they sell more than holiday decor.

"They're saving a life when they buy a Christmas tree. They're helping men and women who have hit rock bottom," said Chelsea Hoffnagle, a resident of the program.

The people who run and operate the lot are all a part of the Delancey Street Foundation.

"I had a problem with drugs and alcohol, so instead of going back to prison, I got the alternative to go to Delancey Street," Hoffnagle said.

It helps people become productive citizens after living on the streets. Many of them falling into a life of crime, drug addiction or even homelessness. Running the tree lot is one of their main challenges.

"Being cashier of the tree lot is one thing. I'm not very good at math so I chose to be the cashier and even though it stresses me out, in this situation at Delancey Street you can't run from your problems you just got to deal with them," Hoffnagle said.

Outside of the life skills, a lot of them said it's great having a little holiday cheer added to their lives. Because being away from home isn't easy, especially during this time of year.

"It was very hard seeing families and stuff, but being a tight knit family here we become one," Hoffnagle said.

This tree lot is a gift within itself and every year it keeps giving in its many different ways. All of the proceeds at the lot will go towards the program.

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