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NCDOT presents proposed changes to Finch Farm Road in Randolph County

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — The North Carolina Department of Transportation presented the new plans for Finch Farm Road on Thursday night. They say the goal of the project is to make the road safer.

“This road does have a higher than average crash rate and that’s one of the things that we at DOT want to do is we want to provide solutions to a communities’ problems,” said Andrew Barksdale, of NCDOT.

NCDOT wants to add a third lane for left turns on the roadway, as well as two roundabouts near Interstate 85 to help with traffic.

“We’re building a lot more roundabouts because they are a lot safer,” Barksdale said.

They presented an original idea for the road back in March to add two extra lanes on the road, but residents did not like that idea. Transportation officials used the feedback to make some adjustments.

“I think it’s a good plan. I think it’s going to address some issues that we’ve lived with for several years,” said Gary Turner, a resident. “But I’m sure some people are not going to like it however they do it.”

There are other people who don’t want any of the proposed changes.

“From what I’ve seen this is new and I don’t think we should be the ones to try it out,” Rick Bruning said.

Bruning operates the BP near I-85 and he said his first concern is travel time for first responders that service the area.

“For them to negotiate three roundabouts trying to go to a call scene, I think it’s going to slow them down,” Bruning said.

He’s also concerned about the construction time and how it’ll affect businesses on the road.

“The plans that they have, for this store, it could be a long period of time before we’re up and operational again,” he said.

He posted signs around his store urging drivers to attend the community meetings and voice their opinions. NCDOT said everyone’s concerns play a big part in what gets changed.

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