Davidson County fish-maker creates for a great cause

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — In Brent Byerly’s home workshop, he’s building hope.

“I just start cutting,” said Byerly who has become known as "the fish man." “It was just a hobby until I got laid off from my job a few years back.”

His fish have really caught on.

“It's taken off, people enjoy them and I enjoy making them.”

In addition to fish, he makes owls and nativity scenes.

“I’ve never made the same thing twice, you'll never see another one like it.”

In 2017, Brent's wife Vonda was diagnosed with breast cancer. She caught it early and the treatment was successful.

“I'm out here in the shop one day building up an inventory of fish and I like beach-y colors,” said Byerly. “I thought I’ll throw some pink on one and I said to myself, — 'a pink fish!'”

The pink fish project was born. He makes a whole line of pink fish now and the proceeds from those sales goes directly to Cancer Services of Davidson County.

He sees his fish and nativities in a whole new light now.

“The hope of Christmas, the coming of Christ ... you got to have hope.”

You can find his work on his Facebook page “Be Your Own Fish.”

The Pink Fish Project can also be found on its own Facebook page.

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