Miami Herald reporter brutally mauled by dog while on assignment

A Miami Herald reporter was brutally attacked by a dog on Tuesday while working, the Miami Herald reported.

David Goodhue, who covers the Florida Keys, was going to interview the owners of a boatyard in Key Largo about their struggles to get repairs to their business property post-Hurricane Irma.

Goodhue was still in his car when he was attacked by the owners’ bull mastiff.

Goodhue, 45, was undergoing reconstructive surgery Wednesday morning.

He sent texts to another reporter after the attack:

“When I pulled into the parking lot and opened the door, his bull mastiff ran to the car.”

“Guy said, ‘That’s Diesel, he’s friendly.’ I let the dog sniff my hand, then petted him on the head and tried to exit the car. Dog bit my right hand and face,” Goodhue wrote.

The boatyard’s owners say they are “devastated” by the attack.

“He was so nice, this man tried to come and help us and it’s horrible,” Sheri Moore said of Goodhue. “We’re traumatized as well. If there’s anything we can do.”

The 3-year-old mastiff is currently being quarantined and will be evaluated by Animal Control in 10 days. The dog’s owners said they will be installing a new fence and will muzzle the dog and not allow him to have contact with visitors.

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