‘I’m going to trial for justice’: Man contests distracted driving ticket, says he was eating hash brown

(Getty Images)

WESTPORT, Conn. — No, he was not on his phone, a Connecticut man argues. He was eating a hash brown.

Jason Stiber was cited for distracted driving with a $300 ticket back in April, according to the The Hour.

Stiber, however, says the police officer was wrong, so he’s taking the Westport Police Department to court over the issue.

He claims that the officer thought he saw him holding a phone but he was actually just eating a McDonald’s hash brown.

The Westport man provided phone records which he says show he didn’t make any calls. Not to mention that he says he has Bluetooth and wouldn’t need to pick up his phone anyway.

The Westport Police Department still doesn’t buy it.

Lt. Jillian Cabana says they’re sticking to their story, according to The Hour.

After losing his first challenge, Stiber was granted a retrial beginning Dec. 7 and lawyered up for the fight.

“I’m going to trial for justice,” Stiber told The Hour.



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