City of Greensboro asking for feedback on New Garden corridor growth

GREENSBORO, N.C. – A popular corridor in northwest Greensboro has seen some major growth in the last few decades, but the changes haven’t always gone over well with the people living there.

Some residents near New Garden Road feel like their quiet, quaint communities are being pushed out by new development.

“The old established neighborhoods we feel are getting squeezed out,” said Linda Maynard, who lives in the Arcadia neighborhood. “I could use the word crushed because literally that's what's going to happen.”

One of Maynard’s main concerns is the expansion of a nearby retirement community.

“Multiple homes are going to be demolished and a two-lane road with a bridge will go through the neighborhood,” Maynard said.

Farther up New Garden Road, people living in the Robinridge neighborhood previously pushed back on an apartment complex project that’s now under construction.

“The biggest concern is always traffic,” said Richard Yarbrough, a resident.

Russ Clegg, the long-range planning manager for the city, says changes like these have brought crowds to city meetings in the past. Because of that and concerns for future growth, the city decided to create a strategic plan for the area with help from the residents.

“Making sure they understand the process and making sure they know how their voice works in the process,” Clegg said. “Trying to get some information now so if anything does get proposed for a change then they can consider that when the request comes in.”

Just two weeks ago the city held an open house to talk about ideas at New Garden Friends School.

Yarbrough was there.

“I don't have a problem with it growing but it needs to be controlled,” Yarbrough said.

He’s hopeful the city will take his and other neighbors opinions into consideration.

“I think the surveys are great and I think the meetings are great,” Yarbrough said. “I just hope I'm not wishing for something from Santa Claus that I have no way of receiving.”

“I feel hopeless in so many ways,” Maynard said. “I don't know what response they will get but I hope they tune in to it and consider it.”

The city will post a survey online in the next few days so people in the area can voice their concerns.

The city will then use feedback from the survey to create a draft of a strategic plan by early next year. The plan will be reviewed the next time someone wants to rezone an area or make a change.

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