North Carolina man gets $1,500 for hitting weight loss goals through app

Frank Norman (WTVD)

RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh resident Frank Norman just received a check for more than $1,500 for losing weight through, WTVD reports.

“This is Christmas!” Norman said. “My wife is getting something nice for Christmas with this.”

Healthywage has worked with Norman before. WTVD first met him in February 2018 when he had received his first check for more than $900 for losing and keeping off 40 pounds over six months.

This time, Norman started the program in April and lost 30 pounds. He bet a total of $780 and almost doubled his money. Norman said he made more money this time by taking mini challenges with his niece, who also received a check for more than $1,700.

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